A Rival's Story

This is a Pokemon FanFic told from the perspective of a Rival. I feel like the rivals always come off as jerks, but they have their own problems and challenges.

To read the Main Story head over to my buddy's blog at pokemonbarebones.tumbr.com . Enjoy!
Asker lordhaxorus Asks:
Hey! I'm enjoying the stuff you've been writing so far, it's really good! :D But I'm confused with the Ditto naming part after Tyvan battles Bruce's Oddish at Pewter. Is this to do with the main storyline you mention in the info? Or something else? :)
pokerival pokerival Said:

Hey, first off let me say thanks for reading! I have been meaning to come back to this for a while and I may actually have the time now!

Okay about your question, I think what your asking is how did Tyvan come up with the name ditto? If that is your question let me explain. Basically after noticing that this strange new pokemon has the power to copy other pokemon he tried to come up with a name that represented that. That is why he try’s out the names Shifty and Transformo, but neither sound right. Ditto basically means exact copy or ‘same goes for me’ and it just sounded right to him. And of course we know that Ditto is the name handed down from the Nintengods. If you have any more questions please ask! And again thanks for reading!