A Rival's Story

This is a Pokemon FanFic told from the perspective of a Rival. I feel like the rivals always come off as jerks, but they have their own problems and challenges.

To read the Main Story head over to my buddy's blog at pokemonbarebones.tumbr.com . Enjoy!
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Water dripped from the roof of the tunnel as Tyvan jogged into the deep dark cave. The light from the cave’s mouth began to fade behind him as he trotted deeper and deeper into the darkness, following Ditto’s faint calls. Ratta padded behind him, sniffing the air and occasionally picking up Ditto’s scent. The tunnel was almost completely dark now, and Tyvan stopped to let his eyes adjust to the small lanterns that hung from the walls. These must be left over from the original construction. He looked around, the walls and roof starting to come into focus, and he noticed that he wasn’t in a tunnel at all. The wall to his right fell away, allowing the path to continue around, but to the left was a large, dimly lit expanse. Ditto’s voice was now bouncing from wall to wall, making it nearly impossible to track. Great… Tyvan decided the best place to start was the clearing, then follow the path deeper into the cave. The wall lamps held the only light in the cave, so Tyvan walked along the wall, keeping his left hand against the wall and his eyes on the ground in front of him. Getting hurt was not an option in here, and he didn’t want to imagine what would happen if he did get hurt. The walls were fairly smooth, the work of the professional excavators who had started the tunnel project after the war. Hopefully the whole path is like this.. He thought to himself, straining his ears for any sign of Ditto.

There was no sign of Ditto as Tyvan searched the large outcropping. As he continued along the wall he began to hear voices. Tyvan stopped, squinting his eyes and looking for the source of the voices that were still far off. It seemed that there were two people, men from the sound of it, arguing up ahead of him. Tyvan looked down at Ratta, the Pokemon looking ready for anything. “Let’s go see if they have seen our friend.” He said with a smile, heading toward the voices. As he walked the fighting became louder and the dim lights finally gave him enough visibility to see what was going on. He stopped and leaned against the wall, listening in to their conversation. “Miguel listen to me, there are enough Moon Stones here to make a fortune. Let’s just take what we can carry and come back later!” The two men wore white lab coats and thick black rimmed glasses. Tyvan watched as the man named Miguel tossed a rock into the air, catching it in the same hand. “These stones are great, but think of how much more we could make with those fossils in the basement! Just think about it Jovan, they could be worth millions to the Museum.” Millions? Fossils? Tyvan looked at the pile of gems at the two men’s feet and couldn’t help but feel that there was something special about them. The light reflected their rich black color and he became caught in a strange trance. “WhoaaaaaaaaCHUUU!” The two men whirled around, just in time to see Tyvan recovering from his massive sneeze. Stupid dirt….

"Hey there kid, how about you come over here?" Miguel motioned for Tyvan, obviously the larger of the two men. Jovan began getting nervous, rocking back and forth, wringing his hands. "Miguel what are you doing?!" he whispered as Tyvan walked toward the two men. Ratta stood behind him, carefully watching the two men for any sign of trouble. Tyvan looked over the men carefully, noticing a couple Pokeballs attached to their lab coats. "Hi, sorry I didn’t mean to interupt, just trying to find my way to Cerulean!" Tyvan tried to walk away but the larger scientist grabbed him. "Hey hey not so fast! Whats the rush kid? We aren’t gonna hurt ya." The man cracked a suspicious smile, but Tyvan shook the man’s hand from his shoulder. "So, headed to Cerulean huh? What’s in Cerulean that’s so important?" Miguel asked, looking down at Ratta, cautiously sizing him up. "I’m going to face the gym leader there I guess." Tyvan had never really thought about why he was traveling Kanto. He had never even thought about why he wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer either, the questions began to weigh on his mind. Jovan spoke up, talking to Miguel again. "Miguel let’s just go!" The man ignored his lanky partner, turning to Tyvan again. "Another kid bent on becoming a Pokemon Master huh? Let me give you some advice. Money runs this world, that’s why we are here harvesting Moon Stones."

"Miguel! He could turn us in!" Jovan was so nervous now he was nearly shaking. "Isn’t that illegal?" Tyvan asked, worried what these crooks might do to him. "Hey whats wrong with making a little extra money on the side?" Miguel asked, flipping the stone in his hand end over end. "Umm I better get going. It was nice to meet you." Tyvan said as he began backing away from the two men, tripping over Ratta. "Stop! Magnemite, thunder wave!" Tyvan scrambled to his feet, trying to run away, but his muscles wouldn’t move. Ratta scampered around Tyvan, somehow avoiding the attack. "Ra…tta, I don’t know what we are up…. against, but you have to…. fight." Tyvan struggled to turn over, falling onto his back. He could see Jovan and Miguel shoveling the Moon Stones into a small pouch while a strange looking Pokemon floated around them. The small, floating orb was flanked on either side by a red and blue magnet. The Pokemon only had one eye with screws shooting out from the main bulb. "Ratta, think you can jump… up there and… bite him?" Without a word the giant rat ran straight for the scientists, using Miguel’s back as a launch pad. The Pokemon flew into the air, slamming into the magnet Pokemon, pulling it to the ground. "Jovan, keep him busy! I’ll get these out of here!" Miguel scooped up the bag, running into the darkness of the cave. "Miguel wait…. ugh. Magnemite get up!"

The Pokemon struggled against Ratta, but the huge weight disadvantage kept the Pokemon pinned down. Ratta landed another heavy blow, knocking a screw loose from the Pokemon’s head. “Magnemite use spark!” The Pokemon began to glow, charging electricity around its body. “Ratta! Get…. back!” Tyvan’s body was slowly returning to normal. He could feel his fingertips against the ground, and his toes wiggling in his shoes. Magnemite had completely charged, the bolts of electricity bouncing between the barbs of the magnets. Ratta scrambled backward, but the electric Pokemon’s speed was blinding. Lightning shot through the cave, zapping Ratta as he ran. The bolt twisted Ratta’s body, throwing him through the air toward Tyvan’s feet. He began lifting himself up, pulling his arms under him and sitting on the ground. He looked at Jovan who was still shoveling Moon Stones into a bag, barely paying attention to the battle. Ratta slowly rose to his feet, staring down his floating opponent. “Ratta, we need to avoid that electricity. We need to get underground. Can you dig down and get him from below?” Cate Cate! The Pokemon quickly burrowed underground, disappearing into the dirt. The Mangemite seemed confused, buzzing back and forth, searching for its enemy. “Ratta now!” Tyvan yelled, causing Jovan to look up, suddenly realizing what was going on around him.

Ratta shot out of the ground, soaring through the air and slamming into the metallic Pokemon. The Pokemon looked dazed, floating in circles until it came crashing to the dusty floor. I wonder why that worked so well… Tyvan was finally able to pull himself to his feet, still a little stiff from the blast. He began walking toward Jovan, gaining more strength with more step. “No… stop! Don’t hurt me!” Tyvan stood over Jovan, Ratta standing strong at his side. “Get out of here, and don’t come back.” Jovan scrambled to his feet, returning his Pokemon to its Pokeball. “O… Okay, I’m gone. Take this… please don’t turn me in. I really need my job!” The skinny scientist pushed some cash and a hard round object into his hand. The man fumbled his way through the cavern, his footsteps fading into the darkness with him.


Tyvan looked down at his shaking hands, wondering where the strength to face Jovan had come from. In his hand was a small wad of cash surrounding a rough, hard object. He peeled back the slips of paper, quickly counting about ¥260 in cash before reaching the stone underneath. He walked to the wall, finding a small lamp to examine the rock. He held the shard up in the light, turning it from side to side, examining the amazingly deep black color. The piece looked unlike any other stone he had ever seen, and it definitely didn’t match any of the rocks in the mountain. This must be one of those Moon Stones they were talking about…. He was mesmerized by the stone, wondering why it was so valuable. Cate Ratta Cate! The rat seemed to have picked up a whiff of Ditto’s scent, tearing Tyvan’s eyes away from the stone. “Alright let’s go buddy, lead the way!” Ratta padded into the darkness, Tyvan chasing him out of the outcropping and back to the main tunnel path. “Well this is where we came in, I guess we just push on. We will find him eventually, don’t worry buddy.” Ratta sniffed the air again, hoping to get another clue but was unable to find a trace of him. “Let’s go.” Tyvan said as he followed the lighted path deeper into the cavern.